About Me

My Experience


I tend to do numerous life projects at one time. I started modeling when I was 13yrs. old, graduated university with a BA in Psychology, Philosophy, English, and Art,  traveled my way trhough Europe and Asia by modeling then acting, then ended up in the gaming industry  based in Dallas,TX.



Streaming is a wonderful marriage of all my favorite loves of being on camera, gaming, and relationships with like minded people who are or are in need a dose of realistic positivity.

I post my schedule in my discord https://discordapp.com/invite/E8tw5YN



With incentives for film in Texas being reduced even more in 2016 and an increase in my time for streaming, I thought I would miss acting with there being fewer opportunities; however, I find myself increasingly less anxious about getting 'the next gig" by streaming frequently! That being said, I am still getting acting gigs! wowza. Here are my demos: