I remember when Lauren Berggren Bleszinksi had not even been hired at id yet and she asked back when she was with C+2, like so many of my talent, “What is it that you do to be so busy all the time?” I could tell she was perplexed. First off, any small business owner with a company of knows that one must wear many, many hats. It can be challenging but also rewarding.

My agency has grown and evolved over the years, but some things stay the same. I want to make sure that those with C+2 learn how to be the best versions of themselves by learning basic professional guidelines for any business, learning some basic office skills, understanding their own value as a person, realizing their personal beauty, and when it comes time for them to leave, have them go on with more confidence, knowledge, and personal power than how they entered. Of course, it is up to each one whether or not to grow.

I generally deal with 200 models and actors, predominantly females, 18-25 years old. Some have very little experience with how the professional world, much less the modeling/acting world. Keeping those two at the same time can in itself be a challenge. One I gladly accept. It also means explaining things to a wide range of personalities and learning styles. Some people learn through visual cues, some like to read it, and others like to get their hands on a project to learn. I have found over the years, I have to appeal to all their learning styles, using words that each group will grasp and foresee possible questions.

I do not often get to share in agency videos, but there is nothing NDA in this one, so I thought I would share one of the numerous videos I can’t normally post on my personal YouTube channel or the Cplus2TV channel so you can have a taste of what I do. Since most people find it hard to do work and keep up with one social page, much less their own website with regularity, I thought you might enjoy seeing what it is like to keep up an evolving business, 3 websites (one business, one magazine), while doing new endeavors in business and even some fun outside projects like cosplay and of course video gaming.

This is a sample of one of the videos I made so that new talent who want to do articles, can learn how to use word press. YOU will see that not everyone is Huffington Post level, and that is perfectly fine by me! In fact, I WANT people to try things out and not be afraid of making mistakes. I’ve found they learn as they go, many times, unveiling talents they never knew they had. It is pretty dang awesome :)

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