Recently I posted the video below on my Facebook, it got me to remembering when my mom did that to me. To this day, I react similarly to big, great surprises. We were even on our way to school like Lily in the video when mom surprised me with a trip to Disneyworld. My mom actually did this sort of thing every couple of years. Between those times, she would give me “Well Days” because she didn’t allow me many sick days unless I was clearly very sick.

I seriously recall some mornings saying to her, “Mom, I don’t feel good”. Her reply (if I looked halfway ok) was, “I’m sorry but I don’t have time for you to be sick, get in the car. You are going to be sick at home or at school, might as well bear through it there and get in some learning.” I’m not 100% sure if that is the soundest thing, but I have never been a very sickly person and tend to think that may be one of the reasons. I do know one thing, I LOVED Well Days! She seemed to take them so spontaneously, but they were likely well planed in advance. Mom would just pass our exit for school, and say, “WELL DAY! We are going to go get ice-cream and go skating!” or whatever small excursion she had planned.

Some of the Well Days were big. Sometimes she would have my bag packed in the trunk, other times, like this one trip to California when I was a bit older. I am positive it was a last minute thought where she knew we both just needed a break. We were in the car, she said, “You want to go to California? I’d like to go to Carmel and just rest, eat, and visit that little European feeling town.” I said, “YA!” She replied, “Let’s do it!” I saw her take the airport exit and asked her if she meant right now and she said, “YES! We will just buy sundresses and toothpaste there- Let’s go!” One of the best memories of my life. As I recall, we didn’t stay but for a couple nights and didn’t even get fancy designer dresses from Carmel itself. We went to a Walmart type place outside of town and loaded up on travel size toiletries, sandals, and sundresses. Moms are amazing. They may not do everything right, but the ones that do their best, are giving it all they got.

Do you have a favorite memory like that?

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