It is that time of year when most charities gather 90% of the funds needed to run their organization throughout the rest of the year. Some people might find that disconcerting, I find it heartwarming that people have a time of year when they stop thinking about themselves. I sometimes wonder what makes us gravitate to certain charities. Obviously, if we can identify with it due to a past or current circumstances, we will likely be drawn to it. My affinity for Genesis Women’s Shelter, Operation Kindness, and Ladies of the Round Table are such cases. Still I am not sure why I charities that move me so significantly like Non-Pareil Institute and Operation Supply Drop, have such an impact on my heart without having family or history with them.

In any case, I would like to introduce yet another one if you happen to have someone in your loved ones circles who has a physical disability. It is called Special Effect and I wrote an article on it here. 

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