Stream Mic Audio is a GO!

19 April 2014

After weeks of various streaming issues, I finally have all the kinks worked out. The last one I had was not being able to get mic audio even though everything on my PC, Xboxes, and PS4 were set correctly. I was baffled then a new friend of mine CJ Boyd, found the issue in a jiffy, though the secret was a tad hidden in that the mic controls were not in the settings labeled Settings at the bottom of the Xsplit Screen, nor was having the white bars for mic & playback an indication that sound was going through. The answer….

THE SETTINGS FOR AUDIO are in a dropdown UNDER THE HELP TAB! what??? yup- the help tab, not settings you initially see which only has video settings… and there ya have it!

That is why every time I saw links telling me to go to the settings, I was lost because there are 2 settings, one of which is sorta hidden.

And on that- I will be able to stream large and direct on my schedule found on the profile page of my stream channel


*Does happy victory dance

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