In my last post about my Lumia 920, I had expressed my major concern that had endured over the last 6 months of owning the beautifully screened beast. I also found a fix to my foremost problem, which is the stupid Bing Search button right where my thenar (the fleshy part of the hand at the base of the thumb before the wrist) would inadvertently click the icon ALL THE FRICKING time! Some people’s hands don’t set it off so easily, so the sensitivity can be lowered to make it a non issue. This was not the case with my hands. If it bothers you, I JUST found out THIS week that they are considering making it optional to turn off! I write an article and meet someone in Windows Phone complaints at a function which is followed immediately by a possible fix! Coincidence??? I think not! In any case, if you need a fix now, Click HERE and you can see what creative thing I did (it also did not harm the phone at all when I had to take it in to the service center and they pryed off my “fix”).

So what makes me NOT hate my Lumia 920???


Here are some of the super cool features that have proven in person to be even better than they sounded.

  • Double tap to wake -you don’t have to press/hold the power button=superhandy
  • Glance setting – Lockscreen clock feature (the clock can be set to glow at a very low red color during sleep hours and a pleasing soft grey if you but hover you hand over the phone during the wake hours which you set to whatever times you want)
  • Flip to silence – It has happened to everyone. You get a call exactly when you don’t need to hear the phone ring, but also are not in a position to mess with your phone or fumble for the button to silence it… now? You can just flip the phone over on the table and the ringing will stop.
  • New wallpapers (grab them here on SkyDrive
  • Ability to set color profile for your screen


Stay tuned because I can easily see how this will become a loved phone before too long and why the 920 might be better for the time being than even the fancier 1020.



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