I don’t know why it saddens me a bit to redo this bathroom. It is just a small powder room off the great room and has basically become the cat’s room. I guess it is because it marks the beginning of the end of my childhood dream house.  When I was a little girl, my mom would drive me to Dallas from Houston to go shopping, Six Flags, and take in a special dinner at The Magic Time Machine. I anticipated going to that restaurant all year long. The decor is a collection of small themed rooms and tables ranging from the Mickey Mouse Fantasia secluded tables to carousel rooms, and pirate ships with a waitstaff dressed in wonderful cosplay (before cosplay was widespread or known much at all).

Every time I went there, I’d say, “someday I am going to have a house like this, where every room has its own theme like a fairytale and one day I will work here”. Ends up, that is exactly what I did. I got to work there for a little bit when I first returned to the states from modeling abroad. I met wonderful friends and enjoyed the experience. The entries below will show some of the changes that I am doing to my favorite little powder room going from fantasy to … well more grown up and marketable.

I am sure I will post pics once it is all done :)

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