Dec 10, 2013

So after weekly chiropractic when my back was going through a painful phase, the trips to the chiro were waning in actually helping. I crashed several times racing BUT had only one bad wreck. I high sided it. That means, for your motorcycle racing noobs that instead of just laying it down smoothly in the direction you are already leaning, you go to the other side. In my case, it was in the schoolhouse turn at Henderson, a teeny track, also used for go-karts, that has some great turns in it especially for the 250 and 500cc class BUT on this day, my foot peg grabbed in the inner side when I accelerated out of the and caused my back to flip hard on the opposite side. It was the only crash I didn’t walk away from. Th ambulance took me to the hospital and I only had a broken bone or two but the damage to my L5 disc did not become apparent for some time.  In fact, I am almost positive this pic was taken the day it happened.

Thankfully I found Dr. Richard Marks who offered a procedure MUCH less intensive, scary, or life altering than a fusion, which is the usual go-to for herniated discs. I had this surgery and  am able to do everything I did before, I can even do endurance bike riding, parachuting, or heck anything I want just without pain! Everything with the surgery turned out ACES! I am back on my feet today, running errands for my trip to DC tomorrow and woke up feeling PAINLESS for the first time in over 10 years! This was a small clip right after I was out of surgery. Clearly a little bit still under the influence of anesthesia.


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