Mera cosplay making

I realize I never get the excess time needed to make an article on me making a scoop lay so have decided to blog it as I go.

Making Mera’s crown!

I cut out a pattern (using the fold it over in half to make both sides the same :) placed it on Eva foam  (though I need to buy better foam. I got this from the dollar store and it is not the same quality. Tbh, idk if it makes a difference but it’s not great. Still, I need to get on this project while I’m not sleepy from meds. (Had 4 teeth extracted so am working between naps and can’t drive anyway).

Now to bevel the edges. I like making a 45* bevel. I don’t really have to since it’s not butting up against another piece but I like it.

Now I’m going to smooth out the hatch makes on the back of the foam even though this is the back of the crown and it won’t have a super glossy smooth finish like some armour, I don’t want hatch marks either and someone might be able to glimpses of the back of course.

This is one of those places where I get nervous about applying the worlba. It’s been since August when I made the Call of Duty Exoskeleton that I’ve used Worlba so I’m going to do a sample test piece just to feel more confident. Angles tend to freak me a bit too. So ya. Test time! a

I’m cutting out a piece of foam to practice a bit on corners and sammiching the worlba around the foam so so glad I did that! I feel a lot better. So on with the Crown Show!

Yay! I got the base crown done. Front and back and bent it a bit to customize it to my face, like having the inside point on the top of the head flattened down a bit because I don’t want it digging into my forehead, even with a wig on and cupping the side around a bit. I’ll finalize the cheekbone slices later after its all donw. I don’t want to cut them too short on accident.

Now for lunch, maybe a nap and then to Michaels for a thin piece of foam for some detailing I’ll hopefully get to later tonight… but likely not until the store is closed.

Errand to craft atore? Check. Lunch? Check. Nap? Nope. But I’m not sleepy so yay!

Here is a lesson learned for ya.
So as I normally angle pieces to the back, because the side piece/crown peak is going to be attached to the base here,I’m angling the 45* angle toward the base for a smoother joint, then angling the back parts away from the front. So here is the lesson learned part. When/of you angle your edges, take the back thatched surface first because the slender parts make get scuffed up :(

I love to watch the way the worlba folds over the foam. It’s so cool! But hot to touch! So be careful when smoothing it over the edges .

Attaching the side. It’s starting to take form!

Now. I’m going to hot glue the side peaks onto the base then,take tracing paper to male a template for the worlba that will go over the back to further stablize it and make it look good from the back.

Turning out nicely

one of the most important materials needed for making cosplay is the ALOE VERA PLANT! UT IS A gidsend. I haven’t met a person who makes cosplay who hasn’t had a hot glue gun booboo. And yes, now I have put on the finger protectors lol

Making the M for the crown. I made a pattern (ok, copied an M I liked from off the internet) and cut it out of the thin foam I got from Michael’s ewrlier. I’m going to sandwich it now. By that I mean, hot gun the shiny side of the worlba to the foam then do the other side then cuthe off the excess. No bevel ing etc needed because the foam is so thin. So yay. Should go fast. Fingers crossed!

Changed my mind. Not sandwich ing because I want another layer of M on top of this one so I’m going to cover this layer in worlba and then make another M To go on top of this one.

Layer 2 of the M is on its way!

It’s Thursday Oct 1. Finished my evening early enough to get in a few moments with the scalemaille top and yup! I like it from the back of it as well as I do from the front. It calms my mind for some reason. The symmetry? Idk. But I like it and am happy with how things are turning out.

Tweaking time! No, not the H! The crown!

Adding a cushioned soft foam peak to the back of the crown so it doesn’t hurt my scalp or slice my head down the center when I wear it.

Wieeeeee time for deatiling. I tried out the gold paint on various samples of surfaces and liked the foam’s slightly more matte appearance next to the less absorbance worbla. This will make a nice subtle, tone on tone contrast since I’ll be painting everythibg, including shells gold.

Been working on another cosplay but have gotten to a decent point of just needing painting at this juncture. Adding more after that.

And voila! Aside from a bit of accent painting in the grooves, and adding shells, I was pretty much done. Here is the crown all done!

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