NSFW video- As you know, I rarely, if have ever, post something not safe for work. This particular trailer struck me deeply though.

I remember first hearing NWA & it was a life so very foreign to me, but the beats were addictive/ great and the emotions… wow. I recall thinking it was like I could feel the anger of generations in their voices. Too often, whether it is video games, movies, or music, people who condemn something are listening to the aspects that don’t truly matter instead of what is the pain/cry to be heard beneath it.

Often instant polarized judgements are a case of not understanding or wanting anything other than one’s own nice little box of reality, beliefs, and people. It is a very small, unhappy, fearful way to live. People may not like this sound or death metal or whatever, but more often than not, they’d find the people behind it have an important message worth hearing that, even if it is out of the common comfort zone, needs to be heard.

In my life, I have seen the very most heinous behaviors come from the most sacred and/or traditionally socially acceptable places. In fact, the very worst things did not come from a nightclub of gangsters, bikers, or even drug dens. Oddly, those circles give no mercy to those who do the most unforgiveable atrocities. The worse violations came from suburbia’s highly admired and sanctioned arenas.

Again though the film is not yet rated, it is not safe for work viewing.

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