My first episode involves a character from Dead By Daylight so I figured a clip sent to me by HelpfulCrabBuddhaBar might be appropriate. (dear trolls- yes, I bicycle while gaming. Yes, it makes it more difficult to get good but I am ok with that. I know I will game every day… but not exercise, so this helps me do both. Clearly I was addressing some of my viewers who had never seen DBD and obviously I am not 72 :)


I’m probably most proud of this one where I get a relentless and diamond out my LMG in Call of Duty!

I don’t often stream my private time gaming but here are my gaming videos of doing Cardiablo – which is riding my bicycle on my trainer while playing video games. They are often around two hours long- so fair warning! On the other hand- it is an awesome way to exercise and lose track of time. Grab yourself a bicycle and a trainer and join me! I am not sure what game is on the horizon but I feel a new one brewing inside starting :)

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