I’ve had a few major attacks beginning in January BUT there is no way I am letting it drag me down. In fact, I continue to find more and more strength inside! I have an incredible support group of like minded people and above all else an amazing hubby who is my BFF.

13662863315bc32One of the biggest things I have discovered was that as I was going through the initial response feelings that a C.S. Lewis quote was pissing me off. He said, “Hardships often repare ordinary people for extraordinary destinies”. My knee jerk reaction was, “nope, sorry, CS, but I can’t think of a destiny that is worth this.” I admit it, I felt discouraged. Then a few things came to mind.

One, no one can take the most important things away from me. It is not in their power to take any of them. And Two, instead of looking for that “extraordinary destiny” to be at some distant place wayyyyy over there in the future, I began to realize it is right now. There are things that each of us have that are so incredible and unique that solve issues and problems that are as unique as the gifts themselves. By putting my destiny in the future, I was going to set myself up for not appreciating the miraculous current moment. Whereas, by accepting my life as already being in the process of enjoying my destiny, I have the wealth of peace, joy, and love that only acceptance can full bring into existence.

The people in our lives we touch every day without much thought at all, when who knows, that one smile to someone desperate could have literally saved their life. I’m not waiting for an extraordinary destiny. It is already here every dang day of my life. I hope you will accept yours too!


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