Date Night of Galactic Proportions

Having been running crazy for a few weeks going from convention to convention since E3 on June 9th, my amazing hubby totally set up a fantastic and unexpected date night for me this last weekend. I had hoped to be on a stay cation starting Friday, but ended up needing to do some work the following week, so he surprised me. It was the best gift I have had in eons. I’m making this blog so I don’t forget little details :D

He preplanned a few days ahead so that we would have the perfect seats (which is not the norm for him) which for me is center of the row, 3/4 of the way up). He made reservations for our seat in advance so we wouldn’t have to scurry for seats the night of or wait in line. When the day came, he took me to a fabulous pizza (and I don’t usually like pizza but this particular place makes a delicious one). It is called CoalVine’s if you happen to be out the Dallas way. There is a nice dark wood, jazz feel but without the fancy dress code.

He cleverly planned on us having a table for four so we could both sit on the velvet booth side of the four top situated so that we were also just enough inside to get the AC, but enough towards the front windows to feel like we were benefiting from the pretty weather. Of course the enormous photo of  Dean and Frank across from us only improved the view.

We ate leisurely then checked out the upcoming movie posters. This place has such a cool look to it and coincidently is called “LOOK” theaters. We often go to various Studio Movie Grills and Look has some theaters that offer Nick & Sam’s food, so I had wondered why we ate before the movies, but he had everything planned. We didn’t order a dessert at the restaurant but got a snack at the counter and he got me a StarLord Cup!

We were then directed to the last theatre on the left, which I had not been to before and it said on the wall EVOLUTION. I still didn’t know what was in store for me. We were a tad early so we just looked at the movie posters and then… we went in and WOW! Beautiful, black leather lounge chairs that reclined fully where you can bring in drinks, adult beverages, or food from the counter but hooray no waitstaff giving you a check and blocking your view at a crucial part of the movie or listening to someone order food next to you. Mind you, those are fun for certain movies, like 21 jump street or something, but Guardians of the Galaxy was a super important, do not disturb film for us. I gotta say, “boy was it ever!”. Fantastic film for such a great date :) I was going to write a review on Guardians of the Galaxy raving about the immaculate job done by Chris Pratt, which by someone else or directed in another way could have made the movie bomb, highlighting the perfect MakeUp and CG work which was a huge step up from the comic book’s art style, and of course, noting the absolutely perfect scripting, direction, and execution by the entire film crew to make Guardians of the Galaxy my favorite film of the year, but IGN did such a spectacular job and I have a meeting, so here ya go for a great review.

The unexpected coolness: I think almost every phenomenal date or event has one surprise. For this date it was being early enough to see a fantastic program being instituted in Africa called Charity Solar Aid. The video at LOOK was informative and heart warming. Here is a full story on it from ABC.  Admittedly, I have not had the chance to check them out thoroughly, which I recommend before donating, but here is the official site if you want to learn more or become involved with the One Million Solar Lights Shining In Africa youtube video and their Official Website For the rest of my blogs, click here.

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