Current 2016 Demos & Photos

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SEPT 2016

Still in the process of moving! Updating asap. I never respected how much of a disruption moving could be. Respect to all those who are going through it :)

MAY 2016

12719191_760617760704366_5093416277195202008_o13233079_10154129989065586_5521274832543264019_nMay has been wonky with the wide range of films from me being a Pastor’s wife to a sexy Love Expert to post-apocalyptic survivalist! Here are a couple of shots taken between scenes for film promo purposes. I don’t have any promo pics or Behind-the-scenes images from the post-apocalyptic one but I’ll get more pics soon!




BTS in April 2016

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 11.40.00 AM

I am a senator atm in the greenroom while the crew is escaping and tying down everything because it suddenly got massively windy! Ah, exterior shots and the surprises they bring :)IMG_2016

APRIL 2016

What a spectacular month! Aside from being a booking machine (I’ve landed 7 of 9 auditions [this is not a reference to the hottie borg drone in Star Trek] this is the number of auditions ;p) I have not been able to do them all because of time conflicts but it feels so dang good to book! I got one from posting a scene from class that was just a hoot! First tie to try a North East Coast accent and get the adrenaline pumping with some Wolf of Wall Street with Hunter. Total blast.

MARCH 2016

12751018_1095780963806625_1327481883_nStill representing myself, I got 4 out of every 5 auditions I went on in since the beginning of the year. Frequently those projects which were not SAG, go SAG for me, which is just an incredible feeling. Two of my auditions decided to write me a new part! The attached photo was feedback from the films that could not take me on for this project, but they liked me so much, the panel of 4 people sent me their remarks, which was by far the coolest, “not this time” email I have ever received. The coolest, “yes, we loved you and…” email said this, “”We absolutely loved your innovative, energetic, & creative take on the character BUT (you brace with gathered calm acceptance) We’re going to create a more Robbie Margot type role for you, set in an office, not a tub” YES PLEASE!


Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 12.14.04 PMCURRENT ACTING DEMO is 1.5 minutes. Links to commercial, hosting, and VO/MoCap demo reels can be found in the description once clicking on the image link <







bondScreen Shot 2016-01-26 at 7.36.32 PM<The same week I shot Metronome The Series (below) I was the host at The Heroic Kids 24 hour charity marathon for Extra Life. Here is the 24 hours in 4 minutes!

>That same week I also did a fabulous charity organized by the wonderful Doctor/Attorney/Actor Raymund King: James Bond Spectre Preview raising money for Kids Vision for Life

metronome.posterMETRONOME: THE SERIES

In Metronome, I am Dr. Hawkins but won’t give away any spoilers here. Metronome the series is not your average web series. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the suspense filmed by Chuck Hatcher and written by Gabe Saenz who also stars as the protagonist searching through the quantifiable and mystical in order to get to the truth.


The film style, script, audio, moody-dark-harsh lighting, and acting were top notch. When asked if I minded the harsh lighting, I said, “uh of course not! She is villainous and should not be soft and pretty!”

Playing a french villain was a blast!