Chat Rules

Chat Loves? I absolutely love word play, dad jokes, and positivity! I am thrilled to have some of the sweetest modes and followers on Twitch. People who want negativity are not attracted to this channel and vice versa. We enjoy encouraging, supporting, and celebrating each others. If this sounds like […]

Hi guys! I tend to be a huge high energy multi-tasker and love productivity. Part of how I am able to stay so active is by doing yoga every morning for just 15-20 minutes. I have created Geeky Yoga for those of us who are not bend over backwards until […]

So I took the 3 day event to unfold the Cosplay to follow the game… how is that? Well Olivia Pierce was just a lovely looking, normal doctor at the beginning of DOOM 2016, so the first day I was rather pristine in appearance. Mid way through the game, Olivia […]


Making Mera

Purse and Trident! I despise trying to keep track of a purse while cosplaying and it is ALWAYS a pain when doing photos. Since I was going to be going alone to DCC, I made this! I think you’ll like it! The only thing I would do differently is to […]

I LOVED being Mera! Making it was an adventure as well. Click HERE for Mera- BTS – How I made it (though I couldn’t chronicle all of it due to time) >

I cannot tell you how many times I have wished that some future event would hurry up and take place. I also wish I had the formula to getting to that one moment in time when suddenly, you feel great in your own skin. Thirdly, I wish that we got […]

I’ve had a few major attacks beginning in January BUT there is no way I am letting it drag me down. In fact, I continue to find more and more strength inside! I have an incredible support group of like minded people and above all else an amazing hubby who […]

One of the thungs I hate most about being in cosplat for a con is having a purse, backpack, or worse, trying not to have one but keep up with business cards, trinkets, lipstick, money, etc in an outfit that has no pockets. Ive decided for Mera to attempt a […]

Just click on the thumbnail to open more photos of that cosplay! Aside from being hired for events and conventions, you will see that I have photos from where I volunteered for several charities :)


Commercial Photos

Commercial Photos linked here.