I realize I never get the excess time needed to make an article on me making a scoop lay so have decided to blog it as I go. Making Mera’s crown! I cut out a pattern (using the fold it over in half to make both sides the same :) […]


I’m Not Outta Compton but value them

NSFW video- As you know, I rarely, if have ever, post something not safe for work. This particular trailer struck me deeply though. I remember first hearing NWA & it was a life so very foreign to me, but the beats were addictive/ great and the emotions… wow. I recall […]


That time of year we think charitably

It is that time of year when most charities gather 90% of the funds needed to run their organization throughout the rest of the year. Some people might find that disconcerting, I find it heartwarming that people have a time of year when they stop thinking about themselves. I sometimes […]


The bliss of not “Doing” all the time

I am at the wonderful place where I get to do what I want to do. It was really hard work getting here and took a very long time. For the most part I got to this place by doing things I love like acting, modeling, and gaming, all of […]


About to pop out a baby

I spent the day driving down to College Station to visit one of the most gentle hearted, kindest young ladies I have ever met in Charisma+2, Traycee Gumber. Any day now she will be giving birth to Ayden, who just does not want to come out of that comfy, warm […]


Date Night of Galactic Proportions

Having been running crazy for a few weeks going from convention to convention since E3 on June 9th, my amazing hubby totally set up a fantastic and unexpected date night for me this last weekend. I had hoped to be on a stay cation starting Friday, but ended up needing […]


Renovating the old Le Petite Prince inspired powder room

I don’t know why it saddens me a bit to redo this bathroom. It is just a small powder room off the great room and has basically become the cat’s room. I guess it is because it marks the beginning of the end of my childhood dream house.  When I […]


Stream Mic Audio is a GO!

19 April 2014 After weeks of various streaming issues, I finally have all the kinks worked out. The last one I had was not being able to get mic audio even though everything on my PC, Xboxes, and PS4 were set correctly. I was baffled then a new friend of […]


Free Anti-depressant that I love!

9 April 14 Before I get a bunch of emails from people stating they are “praying for me”, I am not suggesting yoga as a religious ritual. I tend to be an anti-proselytizer because I like to be left alone on such personal issues. In fact, I do not pray […]


Cinnabon Waffles

30 March 14 I try to blog once a week- looks like I got caught up- this one will be short but fun! I mention in the video losing so much weight that my face and neck began to get too thin. Although I haven’t been filling out out more […]