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Dessert Evar!

Tis the night before pigging out like heathen and I have a fabulous alternative to shoving endless amounts of sweets into your face and waking up feeling horrible. The recipe is quite simple:

1) 1 Tablespoon of thought into an outfit

2) 2 cups of self & room preparation

3) 3 cups of adoration and appreciation (silent and verbal)

4) Step 1-3 Alternate (for singles)

Step One

Not super creative? No worries, if you are a female, it is likely that your mate will need nothing more than a gift wrapping bow attached to any cute outfit (lingerie if you are feeling super sassy or just a cute holiday colored skirt and top set if you guys are not that hot n heavy in your relationship yet). Guys? This might be a nice time for you to put out a teeny bit of effort. Truly, a very small amount- for instance, CVS sells santa hats. Couple that with some white or red bottoms and a holiday shirt or no short at all! and Bam! (mayhap literally)

Please note not all couples are into a super romantic night- please bear in mind, having a humorous edge can be awesome fun too- like this guys who found a pretty epic hat ;p

Step Two

If you have kiddos- arrange for them to be away for a few hours!

Take a trip to CVS or Target or wherever you guys can find anything you might need for your fabulous holiday dessert. You will also want to grab some candles. Get the ones in a jar so you don’t have to worry about wax dripping. A bunch of small ones make for pretty ambient light than one big one too. Oh also, make sure they are a fragrance you both like. Lastly, think about what music you would like to have playing later. Do you already have a playlist on your iPod handy?  I often just use the music channels on cable  if I run out of time. Whatever the case, get it all settled before you guys start prepping for your evening.

Ladies, THE most appealing thing about a woman is self confidence, so even if you don’t think you look great, believe me, you arriving to the scene full of self confidence will knock him over right where he stands! Seems like girls like being pampered which results in feeling pretty. Since most everything is closed during the holiday, pamper yourself. This will be great for you to get yourself in the right frame of mind anyway! Prepare yourself a wonderful, warm bath and use those special bath salts and oils you have been saving back for a special occasion. As the hot water is filling the tub, make sure everything is ready for when you get out so that you won’t feel perturbed afterwards for not having a fluffy clean towel to dry off, etc. Normally, you might want to have this time as some sort of “bath for two” time… but tonight, make it for just you! Pour yourself a cup of sparkling water, champagne, hot cider, or spiced wine, light a candle, put on some music and just escape for a bit.

As you lounge, just relax and let all the thoughts of gifts you need to get, holiday plans, and family commitments drift out of your mind. If those thoughts come to mind, NP! Just let that thought know that you are going to put that in a bag by the front door and will pick it up later. Now is the time for you. Notice how softly the candlelight and water caress you softly with warmth and appreciation. Accept this and allow yourself to see how beautiful you really are!

I don’t know a woman alive who hasn’t triumphed through some trying times. Being victorious is beautiful! Many women have had children. That is downright miraculous! We as women are beautiful just by the merely being women. Sometimes we, as females, as so hard on ourselves.. but guess what. The vast majority of the time, our mates aren’t! If we continue to point out every single flaw, they might strain to see them, but it is not in their nature. They did not select you because they thought you were unappealing! They woo’d you because they thought you were awesome!!! Now, take this time to see yourself as your mate does. Take the time to see yourself as you truly are, deep in your inner being is someone that people and loved ones adore and treasure, it’s time you saw that person in yourself too. Bathe yourself in beauty and confidence because truly, nothing is more beautiful than a confident woman.

Guys, While your mate is bathing, get in your comfy chair that you love and could likely live in if allowed. Put on your favorite music and close your eyes. Sit back with your favorite beer, soda, wine, coffee, or tea. Let all the holiday hustle and bustle drain out of your mind like sand onto the floor. Let all the reservations you have and preoccupations about the next few days of hectic loudness seep out of existence if only for a few hours. You can always pick those thoughts back up later if you want to, though it is likely, that stuff will work itself out like it always does every year.  They have all kinds of genres. By the time you do that, she should be done and you can shower. More and more guys these days seem to be needing the self assurance normally reserved for the fairer sex. If this is you, take this time to realize that your mate thinks the world of you. Think back to what it was that you guys first saw in each other, and how all the time that has passed has only gone to reinforce that. More likely than not, she may benefit (and thus you will!) if you reassure her of how awesome you think she is.

Step Three

Spend a bit of time just admiring each other without touching and without speaking. Slowly ease into verbal and physical affections. Sometimes, especially for those of us in long term relationships find ourselves rushing to the punchline if we don’t watch it. The holidays are a wonderful time to reacquaint yourselves with how much you guys are really one unit moving as a team. For some, our mates are the only family we have, for others, our mate is the most valuable among family members. It is during the holidays though that we can find ourselves trapped into pleasing everyone except our mate. Make this time of year richer and better by having your mate and you as one as you journey through the holiday maze.

Step four – three alternate

Now, if you are not in a relationship at the moment no fear, the world of self timer apps is here! Go through steps 1-2 renewing an appreciation for yourself and spoiling yourself with pampering. Step three? This may sound odd, but get dressed up in your cute outfit and look at yourself for a bit in the mirror. Appreciate yourself! Be your own fan because not everyone needs or even wants a mate. Some people prefer to be alone, so self appreciation is important. For those who do want a mate but don’t have one yet, this will be incredibly helpful in forming a healthy relationship when you do find the right person. Knowing who you are and your own value will save them from having to tell you all the time or convince you, which is incredibly unnerving and wearing! Lastly- we live in the day of self timer apps for your phone camera! YAY! That’s right! Crack out the phone camera and crack out a few selfies in that adorable little outfit you just put together! You can save those for yourself or someone special or maybe show them off. The choice is yours. You are single and you don’t have to answer to anyone :D

Step Five

When you find yourself at the numerous huge dinners…. consider SHARING A dessert instead of each getting numerous ones. I believe you will find the previous intimacy make the dessert even sweeter than if you single handedly downed numerous portions alone :) If you are single, ask a friend to share a dessert. Have a glass of coffee, tea, or water afterwards and you will find that you had plenty to taste great but not feel overindulgent or hard on yourself. Have a super duper awesome Holiday Season- See you guys in 2014!

And if you haven’t seen the F3G (Fierce Fitness For Gamers) prepping for 2014 video- click here! You’ll be happy you did!


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