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Keeping up with Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter demand too much of my free time to blog as well. So please choose your favorite social media to keep up with me there more frequently.

August 2016 Somehow my entries got deleted BUT I am switching to a new site platform soon!

March 29, 2015 It’ll happen when it is supposed to

Feb 22, 2015 Why wait for your Extraordinary Destiny

Oct 15, 2015 How to make Cosplay Mera Crown

Feb 9, 2015 I’m Not Outta Compton but value them

Jan 2015  It has been a while, huh! I have to say, now that I have the Charisma+2 Quarterly , C+2 magazine, youtube, twitch stream, my multimedia, event & promo site and FB, TW, IG, etc which I update daily … I don’t often have time to blog because my free time is spent relaxing :)


Nov 19, 2014 That time of year we think charitably


Nov 10, 2014 The bliss of not “Doing” all the time 


Oct 30, 2014 100 days of Thankfulness


Oct 16, 2014 About to Pop Out a Baby (no not me but a great girl)


Sept 2014 Spent the entire month on an NDA project w/o internet


Aug 5, 2014 Date Night of Galactic Proportions

From May through July, I had some really tough news on the health of a family member in addition to the usual crazy schedule of summer conventions. I’d like to keep this family news to myself, but thought I’d make it public why I had not posted.


May 9, 2014 Renovating the Powder Room: Bye Le Petite Prince


April 19, 2014 Stream Audio Mic is a GO! 


April 9, 2014 Free Anti-Depressant that I love


Mar 30, 2014 Cinnabon Waffles 


Jan 27, 2014 What movie inspires you to get in shape?


Jan 24, 2014 What’s in it for me?


Jan 20, 2014 Can’t make em like ya


Jan 4, 2014 Assassins Creed: Black Flag Photo Funness


Dec 22 Fat Free Calorie Burning Holiday Dessert!


Dec 20 My 1st-gift-found-while-cleaning


Dec 10 Motorcycle Racing catches up to me Back Surgery


Dec 3 20 Worst Emails I’ve received

It has been a month of lots going on in preparation for taking off for most of December. I did get to edit all of this video though! a 3 part series from my presentation in Miami.


Nov 7 Rolex 50th anniversary of the Daytona celebration 


Oct 25, 2013 What do you do all day, Yvonna? Building Stuff edition 


Oct 23, 2013 So I don’t hate my Lumia 920 anymore


Oct 15, 2013 What do you do all day, Yvonna? Charity edition


Oct 9, 2013 Top 7 Reasons to go to a Comic Con


Oct 4, 2013 What do you do all day, Yvonna? Agency Videos edition


Sept 26, 2013   Well Days


Sept 24, 2013   Learning to not HATE my Lumia


Sept 6, 2013     Consistency Everyday


August 2013    One of THOSE hair days