I’ve been playing a LOT of AC:BF since the new year on my PS4. The 1080p is downright gorgeous. The gameplay is a total blast. Not being a huge fan of the way the protagonist moved in the past games, that I Can’t stop playing this one is a huge thing for me. I will be doing a video to review it soon but have my birthday tomorrow and CES in 3 days so I got a few shots (literally did a 7 minute photoshoot and sadly without a flash on the full length ones but it is ok- this is totes casual). So why throw this together this morning? Because I was just so inspired and love this game.

My First Thought and Test Shot

My idea was initially to use the cover shot for the game. I didn’t have my full outfit on and thought I’d just sepia out the outfit I had. It turned out to not be what I thought it would be so I nixed that.

Maybe Sync Point?

I thought instead, it’d be fun to put my character on a sync point plus the screenshots are brighter colored for coves. So I roughed out some.

But I just block pasted it in without spending much time on it because it just didn’t have the feel I wanted.

I LOVE props and collectibles

I also took a look around the house and found a Mayan stela , a Templar key for my belt, and a super cool dagger the manager at one of our Gamestop Skyrim midnight launches gave me. She was such a sweetheart. I absolutely love this dagger.

Maybe Sepia

So I thought about going with a Sepia adjustment to my clothes since AC:BF is quite colorful… the outfits are generally more earthy of course. The colorful cove didn’t go so well, so I tried it with one of the windmills. Again, didn’t spend a bunch of time on it. I would have changed the pink skirt to a more earthy or peachy color, but nah… not quite right. 


I shoot very, very fast. Anyone who has photographed for me or filmed me knows I often do my best shot first and I quit as soon as I know I have it, which is usually rather quickly. For this shoot, I did a dozen pics. I just wanted to do a little something spontaneous & for no other point than to just have fun. Ok- partially for my birthday, because I am learning how to do fun things for myself more and more these days. Overall, I liked it, but decided to do one more with my character in a different pose (not as flattering a pose I think, but still gave off the fun vibe I was seeking.

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