1st gift found while cleaning

Every fall or winter, I clean out my house. Spring is just not a great time for it. It is already too hot in Dallas for it to be nice. The day before winter is perfect!

While cleaning out one of those closets that hasn’t been touched in years and years, I found my first big gift for Duncan. It was so many years ago I guess. We were living in our first place which was about an 800 sq ft apartment in uptown in Dallas. He was managing the Broadcast room at Yahoo and had a mid shift from about 6pm-2am. This left me with a ton of time to create my heart out since I was acting full time and the work is irregular in hours.

To be perfectly transparent with you… I believe some of the wordings must be off on this, but my heart was in the right place for sure. I made the base of this creation to be like a large window box which was 5″ deeps 18″ wide and 26″ tall.The sidewalls each had a battery operated black light. I have always thoroughly enjoyed taking apart computers. Something about it just feels so dog gone good! Also, although I had not truly understood the depth of Duncan’s grandpa’s passionate hobby for clocks, I decided this would be a cool clock to give as a gift to an IT guy.

This is what the base looked like. It was a mix of computer parts, jewelry I took apart, wires and painted Great Stuff to hold everything into place.

I wanted the words to be written in the style of the Matrix but in numerous different languages. I spoke a few, but am almost certain there are likely horrific grammar errors. On the other hand, I had not dreamed anyone other than Duncan would ever read it, so I did my best also bearing in mind that he only speaks English. This is how the faux stained glass turned out with the clock inserted with my trusty dremel tool. 

It was nigh impossible to get a good photo of how it actually looks in person but with the black lights turned on, but you could see all the detailing of the computer parts and jewelry through the wavy stained glass words in an unusual way. Plus, it made a cool light for the room, and the words on it say in several ways, “I am beloved’s and he is mine”.

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